About Us

Hello! Our Journey actually started 42-years ago! I started knocking doors in Feb. of 1976, and I still have some customers from 40,30,20 years ago! So I guess you could say God was building Ronnie's Wholesale long before we knew it!

Ronnie's Wholesale was established on January 16, 2002. We started just my wife and I, no employees, we made our own deliveries, loaded our own trucks and even drove to New Orleans and picked up our own products weekly.

We started this business with $6,000 and a dream of making it on our own! Fast forward to now we do over 1.1 Million dollars in sales annually with only 5-people, 3-employees!! We go the extra mile for all our customers, we treat them like family! We have a passion for people,we believe everyone comes into your life for a specific reason and it's life changing! There is more to life than just making money, it's all about relationships!!

Our goal is that Jesus be glorified in ALL we say and do!!